Hello ChromaWay/Chromapolis community,

We have some important announcements to make regarding an official Telegram community channel, the status of our sale, and legalities regarding pooling of ChromaWay/Chromapolis.

Based upon security optimization and community demand, we are announcing the official launch of our Telegram community chat: This is the only official Telegram channel for ChromaWay/Chromapolis. Any other channels are either community-made or (more frequently) scam channels operated by imposter accounts.

There have been several fake Google Forms (claiming to be a whitelist/investment request) floating around: do not submit your information to these. Please forward these to @richxs via Telegram for takedown.

There have been many impersonation scammers on Telegram, posing as members of the ChromaWay/Chromapolis team - often using stolen photos and similar usernames in order to deceive community members and/or would-be investors. Our official Telegram channel ( has a pinned post with a list of authentic ChromaWay team members and admins. Be sure to check the @usernames for an exact match; scammers will often make usernames that closely resemble those in the list. If someone messages you and is not on the official admin list, they are not with ChromaWay - please report them immediately to @richxs.

Our project has received an extremely high level of attention from the blockchain community, and we forecast a very high level of activity in our Telegram community channel. Please be patient and a team member will respond to you as soon as possible.

Most notably, our targeted invite-only investor pre-sale is officially closed.Therefore, anyone claiming to sell ChromaWay/Chromapolis is, by default, attempting to scam you. Subpooling ChromaWay/Chromapolis is illegal by premise of our Investment Agreement - please report any pools to us for investigation.

If you have questions, please contact [email protected].